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May 22, 2023
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There tends to be this stigma that facial injections, especially lip injections, are only for women. The reality is that injection treatments are not limited to any gender. In fact, the number of men who get lip injections has actually risen 400%.

There are some things that differ in how men get lip injections, but nothing too crazy. 


Can Men Get Lip Injections?


Yes. If you want to combat facial volume loss or simply get fuller or more defined lips, injections are a beneficial choice for men as well as women.


What is the Difference for Men Getting Lip Injections?


The main difference when men get lip injections versus women is the desired results. Often, women are looking for a fuller pout and more voluminous lips. On the other hand, men more often are looking for a better shape. This is not to say that there aren’t men who want fuller lips — sometimes they want to go from Michael Fassbender to Brad Pitt.


Are the Same Treatments Used on Men?


Yes. Regardless of gender, the same treatments are used when men get lip injections as they are when women do. However, men may have a small advantage since they usually need smaller dosages to get results.


Will the Results Look Different for Men?


Since male facial features tend to be a bit sharper and more defined, the results men get from lip injections can be a bit more drastic, but a licensed healthcare provider is able to properly administer the treatments to get you your desired results.


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