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Nov 29, 2023
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Affecting upwards of 16 million Americans, rosacea is a skin disorder marked by facial redness, bumps and irritation – especially on the cheeks, chin and nose. Because many of the symptoms overlap...

...Rosacea is frequently mistaken for acneeczemapsoriasis or even sunburn. As for what causes rosacea, there is believed to be a genetic component – but the chronic inflammatory condition is still not fully understood. Fortunately, dermatologists have identified a list of triggers which commonly cause the condition to flare up. In this article, our NJ rosacea specialist explores what causes rosacea symptoms to become worse in many patients.


What Causes Rosacea Flare-Ups? Common Triggers to Know About


Rosacea makes the facial skin very sensitive; thus, many things can prompt flare-ups of the condition. Common rosacea triggers include:

  • Being outside in intense heat, wind or cold
  • Spending time in the sun 
  • Feeling stressed
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Using certain skin, hair and makeup products 
  • Exercising
  • Taking certain medications 

Keep in mind: Every patient’s skin is different, so every individual with rosacea will have different triggers. This is just a general list of possible factors which may result in worsening rosacea symptoms.


The Importance of Individualized Rosacea Treatment


Much like treating acne, managing rosacea requires a treatment plan that is personalized for the patient and their unique skin concerns. Depending on the patient’s individual case, a number of therapies may be recommended to help get rosacea symptoms under control. At Kessel Dermatology, we offer all of the most effective and advanced treatments for rosacea, including:

  • Oral and topical medications, which help to clear up rosacea pustules and smooth facial skin 
  • Laser treatments, such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy
  • Electrosurgery, which functions to decrease facial redness by shrinking visible blood vessels

In many cases, combining medication with other treatment methods is necessary to manage rosacea most effectively. Beyond seeking treatment from a dermatology professional who specializes in rosacea, avoiding triggers can go a long way to reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups.


Discover Clearer, More Even Skin with Kessel Dermatology


As frustrating and embarrassing as they can be, rosacea symptoms can be kept under control with the assistance of a qualified skin care provider. If you are eager to explore safe and effective rosacea treatment options with a compassionate professional, call Kessel Dermatology at 609-890-2600 to schedule a consultation, or book one online. Our specialists are here to help you feel confident in your skin, at any age!