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Jul 08, 2024
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Skin rashes are an uncomfortable nuisance, especially when they’re recurrent. If you or your child is experiencing lingering skin irritation for an unknown reason...

...There may be something in your household or environment that is triggering allergic contact dermatitis. In turn, it may be time to consider dermatology patch testing. Let’s explore how this diagnostic tool can be used to determine the cause of allergic reactions.


How Can Dermatology Patch Testing Help You Get Relief from Allergies?


Simply put, a skin allergy patch test involves the application of adhesive patches containing small amounts of potential contact allergens to your skin. Here are a few more details about how the test works:

  • During your initial visit, your dermatology professional will ask you a series of questions designed to identify substances which might be contributing to your ongoing skin irritation. They may request an article of your clothing or specific products you use at home in order to prepare the patches.
  • The patches will be placed on your back or arm and must be left on for 48-72 hours, after which you will return to your dermatology provider’s office so they may assess the results.
  • By evaluating your skin response (or lack thereof) to the various patches, your dermatology professional will be able to help you pinpoint the source(s) of your skin irritation. This way, you will know which products/ingredients to avoid in order to prevent further rashes.

Offering a high degree of diagnostic accuracy, even for rashes that may take several days to develop, dermatology patch testing works to detect skin allergies to dyes, fragrances, preservatives, metals and other potential skin irritants.


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At Kessel Dermatology, our mission is to help our patients thrive by providing them with top-level skin care. We are proud to offer a full range of advanced diagnostic tests, including skin allergy patch testing, as well as advanced treatments for all skin, hair and nail conditions.


If you suspect that you or a family member may be experiencing allergic contact dermatitis or another skin condition, call our office at 609-890-2600, or book an appointment online. Our professionals can help you understand the nature of your condition and create an individualized plan of action to effectively manage or resolve your skin irritation.