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Aug 23, 2023
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If you aren’t already aware of what fillers do, they give the face a fuller, more youthful appearance by injection of either hyaluronic acid, collagen, Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), or autologous fat.

At Kessel Dermatology, we will give you our best recommendation on which filler to use after learning what your desired look is and examining the area to be treated. Now that you know what fillers do externally to you look, we want to fill you in briefly on what it does under the skin.




Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Belotero®, fillers that are commonly injected into lips of the cheeks, are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is derived from a natural molecule that we as humans already produce. This acid gives our skin it’s natural moisture and hydrates the organ (your skin is an organ!). When injected, the acid bonds with the natural, already produce hyaluronic acid to give an additional “plump” and hydration.


For collagen fillers, such as Radiesse®, and Sculptra®, the bond is slightly different. Yes, these have the same function when it comes to your appearance, but it has different functions internally. Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue, supporting cartilage, skin, bone, and more. It connects to the tissue to replenish the natural collagen.




After a period of time, the added hyaluronic acid filler is metabolized. The body starts to naturally break apart the bonds causing it to absorb into your body’s normal production of hyaluronic acid – This is when you will want to return for your next treatment. To speed of the process of dissolving, you have the option of a hyaluronidase treatment, a natural enzyme in our tissue that modifies hyaluronic acid.


Collagen does not dissolve naturally and is made of an irreversible material. However, you can also get a hyaluronidase treatment to help manage undesired results. At Kessel Dermatology, you won’t have to worry about this!


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