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Aug 11, 2023
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Acne is a very common skin condition which can afflict individuals throughout adolescence and even into adulthood. Causing pimples, cysts or other blemishes on the skin, acne breakouts may leave lasting scars in some cases.


If you or your child has scarring from acne, the good news is that there are treatments which can help smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Known as the best dermatologist for acne scars in Hamilton Square, NJ and beyond, Kessel Dermatology offers a range of safe and effective treatment options. 


Choosing the Right Acne Scar Treatment for You 


Depending on the type and severity of acne scars present, one or more of the following treatments may be suggested by your dermatology professional to help diminish the appearance of acne marks:

  • Laser/Light Therapy 
  • Injections (such as corticosteroid injections)
  • Fillers

If you are still currently experiencing acne breakouts, our acne specialists can also provide treatment that is tailored to your needs. Our advanced treatment options for acne include:

  • Oral Contraceptives, which reduce the production of endogenous hormones
  • Oral/Topical Retinoids, which treat inflamed skin and infected hair follicles 
  • Systemic/Topical Antibiotics, which help to inhibit excess oil production

As with treatment for acne scars, the right course of treatment for ongoing acne breakouts will depend on individual factors such as how persistent and severe one’s breakouts tend to be.


What Makes Kessel the Best Dermatologist for Acne Scars & Current Acne Treatment?


Acne breakouts and the marks they leave behind are both notoriously difficult to treat. Thus, it’s important to visit a reputable skin care professional if you are looking to achieve noticeable, long-lasting results. At Kessel Dermatology, we pride ourselves on being the best dermatologist for acne scars thanks to our highly experienced staff and the outstanding patient care we provide. Here is a review from Inm T. which demonstrates why we’re the skin care provider patients prefer:


“My fiancée told me about this place four days before our wedding. I’ve been dealing with cystic acne for years and nothing helped. Here I was, four days before the big day, with three acne cysts on my face. I reached out to Kessel and explained my situation. They were able to meet with me that same day and treated my problem. They were compassionate and friendly as they provided me treatment. I will be one happy bride tomorrow. Thank you Kessel Dermatology team.”


Arrange Your Acne Consultation at Kessel Dermatology 


Fed up with feeling self-conscious about acne scars or persistent acne breakouts? Kessel Dermatology is here to help by providing effective, individualized treatment. To schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable acne experts, call our office at 609-890-2600 or book one online. We look forward to helping you find a skin care solution that meets your needs and fills you with confidence.