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May 20, 2024
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Hyperpigmentation is the term for skin spots that are darker than one’s normal skin tone. Caused by excess production of melanin–a pigment which determines skin & hair color ...

Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin concern which may occur for various reasons. For example, dark spots might appear on the skin as one ages, due to sun exposure over time. Melanin overproduction leading to hyperpigmentation is also common during pregnancy, as well as after skin lesions heal. At Kessel Dermatology, we offer advanced skin hyperpigmentation treatment options for those looking to lighten dark spots in order to achieve a more even skin tone.


Options for Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment at Kessel Dermatology


If you are concerned about dark blemishes on your skin, you may wish to consider excel V+™ laser treatment. This versatile, non-invasive technology is clinically proven to help reduce skin discoloration. Using precise pulses of light, this state-of-the-art treatment heats abnormal blood vessels to the point of removal, thereby restoring one’s natural skin color.


At Kessel Dermatology, our experienced skin care specialists provide this breakthrough treatment to effectively target dark spots, along with other skin concerns like scarring, redness and lesions. With a broad range of settings, the intensity of the excel V+™ laser can be adjusted to treat even very small skin areas. Based on your skin type and condition, our practitioners will tailor this skin hyperpigmentation treatment to your unique situation. Keep in mind: Depending on the size, location and color of your spots, several treatment sessions may be needed to attain optimal results.


In addition to excel V+™ laser therapy, we may recommend other options to help clear hyperpigmentation, including topical retinoids.


At your initial consultation, we will discuss your personal skin concerns and create an individualized treatment plan to help you address them safely and effectively.


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