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Jun 19, 2023
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When it comes to treating acne, there is unfortunately no magic cure that will work for everyone. Instead, treatment must be customized to one’s unique skin type and needs.

When designing a patient’s acne treatment plan, it is crucial for factors such as skin sensitivity to be taken into consideration. After all, the right acne treatment for sensitive skin will likely be quite different than for skin that is prone to acne but not to sensitivity.


Here are a few common indicators of sensitive skin:

  • Facial redness and/or bumps are present, either all the time or sometimes (these symptoms are often caused by rosacea)
  • Itchiness, stinging, dryness and/or burning occur following the use of skin care products with added fragrance
  • Household products like scented laundry detergent cause breakouts and/or make the skin feel itchy
  • Wearing certain makeup products causes skin irritation

If your skin has one or more of these characteristics, there’s a good chance you may have sensitive skin.


Why See a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin?


When you have both sensitive skin and acne, it is essential to use acne treatment methods that are gentle on the skin. However, many over-the-counter acne products contain harsh ingredients which are not suitable for sensitive skin. Using harsh treatments on sensitive skin is likely to make breakouts and other skin concerns like redness and dryness worse instead of better, as they will actually cause the skin to produce more oil.


A dermatologist can help you find an effective acne treatment for sensitive skin and offer advice regarding any products/ingredients you should stay away from. With extensive knowledge on reducing acne, managing sensitive skin or navigating both conditions at once, a skilled dermatologist will guide you to the best treatment option(s) for your personal needs.


What Are Some Acne Treatments for Sensitive Skin?


A few possibilities for treatment include:

  • Topical/oral medications such as retinoids – Work to reduce sebum (oil) production
  • Chemical peels formulated for sensitive skin – Can be used to target a number of skin concerns by unclogging pores and stimulating new skin growth
  • Birth control pills – Treat breakouts and other skin issues by inhibiting the production of endogenous hormones

In addition to providing acne treatment for sensitive skin, a dermatologist can also offer useful information regarding how certain foods and environmental factors may trigger your skin irritation and breakouts.


Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin: Explore Your Options with Kessel Dermatology


At Kessel Dermatology, we know that sensitive skin needs to be treated with care, especially if acne is a concern as well. Our skin experts offer all the best treatments and are here to assist you in managing your skin condition(s). Let us help you feel more confident and worry less about your skin.


For more information, contact us today at 609-890-2600. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or book one online. We look forward to making your acquaintance and helping you find your ideal acne treatment for sensitive skin.