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Visible and Non-Visible Signs of Sun Damage

Apr 14, 2023
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Overtime, as your skin becomes more frequently exposed to the sun, conditions and damage can become apparent. Some signs of damage will be visible from the naked eye, and others you might not be able to see, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

It’s important to use the proper protection against the sun while you’re outside to prevent a sunburn or other damage. After a dermatological procedure or cosmetic treatment, the skin is especially sensitive and prone to damage. Sunscreen, sitting under an umbrella, or staying out of the sun for a few days after your treatment are options. Pay attention to some of the signs of sun damage that you might see after being outside for extended periods of time.




A sunburn can last up to a few days, but bigger issues from the burn can come up later in life. When a sunburn is on the milder side, it will feel itchy, red, and warm. If a sunburn is severe, it can peel, blister, or even cause severe pain or a fever. Make sure to contact Kessel Dermatology is these symptoms last longer than 48 hours.




Sunspots can be light or dark in colors and most commonly located on areas directly exposed to the sun. They are harmless when it comes to skin cancer, but they can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable as time goes on. In some cases, these spots can be a bacteria on the epidermis of the skin. Contact the professionals at Kessel Dermatology for options.


Age Spots


Commonly known as liver spots of lentigines, these spots tend to look like large freckles and can be as big as a quarter. If you notice you have these spots as you get older and they continue to change in size and texture, contact us immediately.


Abnormal Moles


Moles with irregular borders, surrounded by a red outer circle, uneven, or textured can be signs of melanoma. Melanoma is something we take very seriously at Kessel Dermatology and highly recommend a visit to our office.




The most common sign of sun damage is wrinkles. Have you ever heard the term “leathery skin”? This is when someone is referring to skin that has been exposed too often to the sun. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines will show up. In order to get rid of these, we recommend looking into injections to create a younger, fuller appearance.


If you think you have any of these signs of sun damage, contact Kessel Dermatology. We can help threat these problems in a variety of ways! Contact us today at 609-890-2600. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or book one online.