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Nov 22, 2023
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In our current society, men are now feeling the pressure to maintain a more youthful appearance at increasing rates. Social platforms like FaceBook, Instagram and Snapchat have people constantly looking at their photographs...

... And analyzing them for any little imperfection. The drive to look youthful and stay healthy has never been greater. When questioned, men also often express the desire to look less tired and more refreshed. So what should a man consider before deciding to have cosmetic injectable treatments done?


The priority is finding the right person for the job. The provider should have a vast knowledge of the facial anatomy, as well as the array of different filler products and neuromuscular blockers on the market. Choosing the correct product for the particular part of the face is as important as the ability to place that product well; but most important is how much overall injecting experience the provider has. I’m not just referring to somebody who has a large patient following, many of whom may be women, but someone who has extensive experience injecting and rejuvenating the male face.


This point cannot be overstated. Men have a different bone structure to their face, which means they age differently than women. The apex of a man’s cheek is not located in the same place as a women, their brow is more flat than arched and their jawline is clearly more pronounced. Maintaining these masculine features is imperative when rejuvenating the male face in order to avoid the possibility of looking feminine post treatment.


Here at Kessel Dermatology, our injector has been expertly treating male patients for years. Look at this one example of a male patient before and after just one treatment with both Dysport to the upper face and filler products to the lower face. Untouched photos taken 1 month apart.


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