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Aug 07, 2023
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Eczema is a skin condition that can take on several forms, including contact and atopic dermatitis. In any form, eczema causes a red, irritated rash which is almost always itchy.

While the exact cause of eczema has yet to be determined, it is believed to be linked to an overactive immune system response to irritants such as household products. Individuals with eczema may experience flare-ups as a result of exposure to certain conditions or substances. If symptoms become very bothersome, a dermatologist specializing in eczema can offer treatment to help manage the condition.


What to Look for in a Dermatologist Specializing in Eczema


What to Look for in a Dermatologist Specializing in Eczema 


Eczema is a complex skin condition, and it manifests differently for every patient. The right treatment will depend on the individual’s age, the location of their eczema patches and the severity of their symptoms, among other factors. To ensure you are matched with an eczema treatment plan that fits your unique needs, it is important to see a dermatologist specializing in eczema. Here are a few indicators of a qualified provider:

  • Board certification – In order to receive and maintain board certification, a dermatologist must stay up to date on the latest scientific findings and treatment options for diseases of the nails, skin and hair – including eczema. Thus, selecting a board-certified skin care provider means you’ll get cutting-edge treatment. 
  • Years of experience – As previously mentioned, effectively treating eczema requires extensive knowledge of the condition. So, you’ll want to find a dermatologist with as much experience as possible. 
  • Positive reviews – Looking at reviews online is a great way to find a dermatologist you can trust. See what other patients are saying to get insight into whether the practice is right for you or your loved one.

Looking for these qualities will help you locate a dermatologist who is equipped to provide effective, individualized eczema treatment. 


Kessel Dermatology: Advanced Eczema Treatment in Hamilton Township, NJ 


Are you tired of dealing with itchy, embarrassing eczema flares? Dr. Daniel Kessel and the rest of the Kessel Dermatology staff can help you get your condition under control. Here is a review from someone who brought their child to a dermatologist specializing in eczema at our practice:


“My son has struggled with eczema for years and along came the Kessel practice into our lives. They use cutting-edge technology as well as regular meds to control his skin ailment. They also counsel him on the proper treatments. Thank you, doctors.”


If you are ready to address your eczema, give us a call today at 609-890-2600 to set up an appointment with one of our skilled, friendly skin care professionals, or book one online. We look forward to helping you achieve clearer, calmer skin.