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Dec 08, 2023
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From nutritional deficiencies to certain medical conditions to genetics, there are many factors which can lead to hair loss or thinning. While it is most common for hair loss to develop as one ages...

...Hair loss conditions like alopecia areata may have their onset earlier in life. Depending on the cause, hair loss can range from mild to severe – but either way, it has the potential to be distressing. If you or your child is experiencing abnormal hair loss, you may wish to visit a hair loss dermatologist NJ families trust, such as Kessel Dermatology.


What Treatment Can You Get from a Hair Loss Dermatologist Practice?


An experienced dermatologist can help you determine the underlying cause of your hair loss using methods such as scalp biopsy and light microscopy. These advanced diagnostic tests will allow your dermatology professional to closely inspect your scalp to find out if an infection or a hair shaft disorder is causing your hair loss.


In some cases, beginning treatment right away may not be recommended. Your dermatologist may advise waiting to see if your hair begins to grow back on its own. Furthermore, they may suggest discontinuing any medication that could potentially be causing your hair loss.


If your dermatologist determines that starting a hair loss treatment regimen is appropriate for you, there are a number of options available. Some of the most common treatments for hair loss include:

  • Topical & Oral Medications – There are a number of over-the-counter and prescription medications which can help slow hair loss and promote regrowth. Also known as Rogaine, Minoxidil is a topical medication which comes in foam or liquid form and is applied directly to the scalp to facilitate new hair growth. For various types of alopecia, corticosteroids are often effective. These may be taken orally, injected or applied as an ointment.
  • Laser Treatments – Laser therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option which can help to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth.
  • Medicated Shampoos – The use of shampoo specially formulated with hair thickening and strengthening ingredients may be suggested to help combat certain types of hair loss.
  • Hair Transplant – If hair loss is severe and other treatment methods fail to produce the desired results, surgical hair transplant may be an option worth considering.

Ultimately, the right treatment or combination of treatments will depend on what is causing your hair loss, as well as other individual factors. In addition to offering these effective treatment options, your dermatologist can also suggest lifestyle changes which may help to slow down or reverse hair loss.


Hair Loss Dermatologist NJ: Why Choose Kessel Dermatology?


If you have noticed that your hair has started to thin or fall out, you can count on the skilled team at Kessel Dermatology to help you address this problem. Our dermatology professionals are highly knowledgeable about hair loss disorders and use cutting-edge methods to diagnose and treat them.


We take pride in providing the highest quality care to patients of all ages, whether they are dealing with hair loss or another condition affecting the skin, hair or nails. To schedule an appointment with the hair loss dermatologist NJ relies on, call Kessel Dermatology at 609-890-2600, or book an appointment online.