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May 12, 2023
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Everyone has a certain amount of fat in their faces, and once it starts to deteriorate, you can be left with sinking facial features.

While you can’t prevent these effects altogether, there are ways you can combat them if you know what causes facial volume loss.


What Causes Facial Volume Loss? 


Extreme Dieting or Exercising


When you diet too much, you can lose a large amount of weight very quickly, causing the fat in your face to break down and leave you with sunken eyes and creases in your skin’s appearance. And while exercise is beneficial for your overall health, too much can cause your body to lose the fat in your face and cause volume loss.


Excessive Sun Exposure


While many people like having that sun-kissed glow that comes along with tanning, spending too much time in the sun can make the fat in your face wear away and cause your skin to sag.


Hormone Changes


As you age as a woman, your body doesn’t produce as much estrogen, which helps the fat in your face stay in place. Without as much estrogen, you can experience facial volume loss.


Being Too Skinny


Whether you were born naturally very thin or you achieve your thinness by dieting, having a low body mass index can lead to facial volume loss. With so little fat on your body to begin with, you’ll lose volume in your face much faster than you would if you had a higher BMI.


Now, we mentioned that there was a way to combat facial volume loss — and there is! Receiving dermal filler injections from Kessel Dermatology can restore your facial volume in as little as one treatment. For more information or to schedule a treatment, contact us today at 609-890-2600. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or book one online.